2010: A year of handmade book

2010, hand made books, lindsay zier-vogel

On January 1, 2010, I set out to write a poem a day and make a book a month. The daily poetry component petered out in mid-June, with continued fits and starts for the rest of the year, but the book-a-month project continued all year through…a whole year of handmade books – quite exciting!

January: a map-inspired book that I gave away before snapping pics…

February: a flower-inspired book that I also gifted pre-photos…

March: caught and gone: a conversation

April: bloom

May: forget-me-not

June: love.

July: A miracle somehow

August: mountain girl

September: I don’t have a pic of the September book, which is a shame, because she was a beaut and created with my favourite Nepalese paper.

October: letting sunday in

November: fall joy

December: …you’d be home by now

It was so exciting…and somehow so manageable to create at least one book a month. I found myself really looking forward to the whole process – compiling the writing, sketching out the cover ideas and layout ideas and most excitingly, playing around with ideas I’ve always been meaning to try – paper cut covers (in March and November), letterpressing (in June and July), collage (in December), accordian books (in October and April), incorporating pressed flowers (in May), and even a softcover (in August) which was only because I ran out of coverboard, but something I’ve been meaning to play around with for awhile.

All in all, a pretty fabulous 2010. So exciting, in fact, I’m going to continue the book-a-month project for 2011.

I’m thinking some collaborations might be in the works…

(ps: some more book-a-month musings on The Paper Place’s blog…)