2012 is officially the year of collaboration

Rhya Tamasauskas
A sketch of "Fort" by Rhya Tamasauskas for a creature collaboration.

I love the solitary nature of writing. I love that I can do it anywhere at any time and only have to count on myself to show up, but late last year, I was chatting a theatre director, and realized how much I miss that collective creative “aha” moments. It’s really not the same giving myself a high-five at the coffee shop at 7 in the morning…

And somehow, after this revelation, I started sending and receiving emails from all sorts of inspiring folks. And all of a sudden, collaborations started happening left right and centre!

I headed to Saskatchewan to work on the script and source text for Shannon Litzenberger’s dance piece, HOMEbody (premiering in Toronto in September) and came back to Toronto and started working on Sylvie Bouchard’s incredible piece, Histoire d’Amour  (that goes up in May). Man, I love the writing-dance process!!

I’m going to be turning Christa Couture’s lyrics into limited edition books for her Indigogo supporters and Rhya Tamasauskas and I started playing with her whimsical creatures and some wee poems for a submission to a brilliant online mag (The sketch at the top is from this creature-collaboration).  Mark Freeman and I have started a wonderfully inspiring brainstorm for a project. We have no idea what’s happening with it and where it’s going, but something grand is afoot!

And there’re even more projects on the go – an arts education one, some book making workshops…and some grand Love Lettering Projects dream-ups…!

High FIVE! I hereby deem 2012 the year of collaboration.


A glimpse of the collaboration between Rhya and me:

Another gem by Rhya Tamasauskas.
If I stand still enough,
I can hear the leaves pushing their way to green,
the branches tangling even more
against the impatient sky.

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