A crafty glimpse back in time with Susan Kendal

I love words. And I love embroidering. So when my favourite almost-four-year-old started writing his name for the first time, I knew I had to commemorate the event.

The mom of said name-writing-four-year-old and I have known each other since the good ol’ days of the School of Toronto Dance Theatre – that would be 14 years ago (wha?!?) – and she’s been blogging up a storm.

Susan Kendal and Lindsay Zier-Vogel showing off the costume dolls just before the premiere of our work Edith and Eliza, part of the Series 8:08 Season Finale, May 2006. Photo: Andrea Roberts.

I had forgotten about all of our choreographic and crafty shenanigans and it was so much fun to revisit my very first piece of professional choreography (I still wear one of those dresses!) and the costume dolls she made to commemorate what would be my last piece of choreography. Oh, the memories…!

ps: don’t we look so wee in that pic?!




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