Apples + feasting

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Usually, I hold onto summer. Really tight. I’m that girl in a sundress, sitting in the park in the dark shivering on a picnic blanket with a gin and tonic (I mean lemonade). But not this year. This year, I’m all fall all the time. The sundresses and G&Ts have been retired and now it’s all tights, sweater dresses, boots, scarves, knitting, scotch, soup and red wine.

And all apples all the time.

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gastropost, feast, lindsay zier-vogel, christa couture

There’s nothing I love more than a big table filled with food and a room filled with my favourite people. Add a flashmob, some seasonal bunting (made by the incredible Susan Kendal!) and a bunch of weird looking gourds, and my heart beats double time!

One of my dearests, musician Christa Couture, is in from Vancouver and we celebrated her (early) birthday with fellow October bday girl, Susan Kendal, with a taco extravaganza.

And pre-dinner, we dressed up in yellow outfits, with berets and moustaches and threw a flashmob for the Vancouver birthday girl inspired by our favourite YouTube video, “Je M’appelle Steve.”

[More about my beret-ed and moustache-ed taco feast here, on Gastropost!…]

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