August 21-22: Mountain Girl

brittany duggan, mountain girl, susan kendal, lindsay zier-vogel
Brittany Duggan in 'mountain girl' co-choreographed by Brittany Duggan and Susan Kendal / Photo by Lindsay Zier-Vogel

August 21 at 7pm, August 22 at 9pm ~ Winchester Street Theatre

choreography: brittany duggan and susan kendal
dancer: brittany duggan
costume: susan kendal
music: michael-owen liston/antlers and anchors

With a glacier deep skirt burying her thighs,
and topographical maps printed
on the insides of her wrists,
her elbows, the hollow of her throat,
(north, north, northwest, north),
she carries with her
skies that are wider than
the reach of her arms.

~ Lindsay Zier-Vogel