Backbones and backup dancers

Our movie poster...for the eventual VV biopic
Our movie poster…for the eventual VV biopic

I have two extraordinary friends, and the three (four if you count our collectively imagined assistant, Dane!) of us make up the Veggie Vag – the slightly irreverent and wholly inappropriate name for our Virtual Editing Group.

After weeks (months?) of editing each other’s grants and resumes and potentially inflammatory correspondence, Christa Couture and Susan Kendal and I formalized this emailing process and became The Ladies of the VV. Two years ago April 1st. (Susan wrote an ode to the VV last yearas did I, in celebration of our first anniversary).

It’s been the very best two years, bringing us together across far too many kilometres and countless projects and dreams and big ol’ life things.
We are each other’s backbones and backup dancers and I don’t think there’s a single word I send out that these two brilliant women haven’t read/edited/weighed in on.
And armed with our first year anniversary mugs and stationary, in its second year, the VV has seen countless triumphs – among them, two (!) cross-country tours, costumes designed and made and trapezed, a huge move to a new city, a manuscript completed, countless grants edited and sent off, grants received and celebrated…
But perhaps two greatest achievement of the VV this year: a Je m’apelle Steve birthday flash mob and getting matching tats.
Yup, the VV are badass now and “Operation: Love fullstop” is in full effect.
And even Dane, our collectively imagined assistant got a matching tat. (And yes, of COURSE he’s on twitter!)
And so, I lift my Dane-made almond milk latte (followed by a celebratory mimosa!) to my brilliant VV-ers. Happy, happy second anniversary to the most incredible collective I’ve ever known. You make me a better, more articulate artist and a happier and more grounded me.


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