Blog-broidery & my new etsy shop, Sweet Louise and Co.

Embroidery meets hilarious posts on the interwebs in my new shop, Sweet Louise and Co.!

I’ve deemed it: blog-broidery: quotes from the most hilarious blog posts in the universe immortalized in thread!

Dude, nice chicken” (inspired by the ever-hilarious Bloggess’s post)

It’s fall fuckface” (an homage to the pant-peeing worthy creation by Colin Nissan, “It’s Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers”)

Don’t be silly” (from the wonderful, direct and hilarious meditation on jealousy by Sugar)

Ne panic pas” (the best phrase in the universe coined by the illustrious Christa Couture)*

*Note: in this blog post, there *might* just be a photo of me circa 2000…in silver pants. Please forgive my terrible, terrible hair