Brunch mapping + bacon: A Q&A with the Drake General Store

toronto brunch maps, drake general store
Les brunch maps / photo courtesy of the Drake General Store

I’m positively blushing…brunch maps as a best seller? Swooooon!

From the Drake General Store blog:
When she’s not busy writing love letters, dancing or teaching, Toronto artist Lindsay Zier-Vogel creates beautifully-printed brunch maps. Complete with a checklist and button, you can guess what we spend our weekends doing! We sat down with Lindsay for a brief chat about her work + what she’d order for her perfect brunch.

Read “Lindsay Zier-Vogel’s Brunch Maps: Helping Us Eat Our Way Through Torontohere!

Addendum: More Brunch Map lovin’ from the charming Reb Stevenson!

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