Everybody has a brain

Fact: Everybody has a brain.

And the incredible Mark Freeman and his compatriots, started a great blog to open up the dialogue around personal mental health.

About the project:

When everybody can see and hear how we all share similar struggles with our brains, we can break down the stigma around openly discussing mental health issues. And when we can openly discuss mental health issues, we can be proactive, we can prevent problems from developing or getting worse, and we can stop a lot of the unnecessary pain, suffering, and loss that characterizes our current, secretive, and unhealthy approach to mental health in our society.

We’re passionate about creating opportunities for dialogue around mental health because it’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s nothing to be afraid of, it’s nothing to feel alone and isolated about. We need to quit pretending that mental health is something unusual and different. That’s like stigmatizing people for breathing oxygen. Everybody has mental health, because everybody has a brain. Spread the word. Share your brain.  

Hells yah!

I wrote a wee somethin’ about being loveable during their relationship-pre-Valentine’s-Day posts. You can check it out here

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