fall joy

fall joy, handbound book, lindsay zier-vogel

This fall was a doozy. A blind-siding, topsy turvy season. But on November 1st, a dear friend on the west coast sent me a note, suggesting we send each other a ‘hurrah, it’s fall’ daily moment.

And so, the daily joy project was born. I will admit, I was not on board at first. All I saw were grey skies and rain puddles. At first, I was humouring her…but then, as it always does, the joy crept in…

…the first snowfall (Nov. 20th in Comox!), putting up my Christmas tree (it’s in all caps on Nov. 23rd), bike rides and brunch and white squirrel spottings and chai lattes and surprising moments of sunshine and gingerbread cakes eaten over heel-turning knitting parties (complete with balloons).

In reading through this compiled joy, it seems there was a lot of gingerbread involved…

handmade book, lindsay zier-voge, fall joy

I turned this month of joy into a book, complete with a paper-cut cover. Alongside the quilt I made for my favourite newborn, I think this is the most exciting piece I created in 2010.

It is so full of goodness and joy, it makes my heart nearly burst.