For the love of a full mailbox

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A letter from Rhya, stamps from Jaime

I love writing letters.

I joke that I spend a third of my income on postage, and it’s only a slight exaggeration. I think differently when I write letters. I think things through, I problem solve, especially when it comes to novel-writing conundrums.

And I love the whole process of letter writing — the time capsule-ness of the whole endeavor. The days and days it inevitable takes between putting pen to paper and when it arrives in a far away (or not-so-far away) mailbox. Nothing about it is instantaneous.

The every crafty Rhya is the master of inventive enveloped creations, and Susan has been known to send gourds in the mail (and most recently, bacon-flavoured lip balm…ahem). Christa sends packages that take my breath away. Jaime has the most lovely stamps for each envelope and hulagirl always adds such treats to her packages…

And then there are the non-blogging letter-ers, Emily, who makes such pretty envelopes I have a wall of them hanging in my kitchen, Jess, the master of knitted packages, Jada who sends notes all the way from New Zealand (often filled with paper from India!) and my mom, even though she lives not far away at all…

I definitely write more letters than I receive, but there is still something so wonderful about the daily potential of a full mailbox…When I was away in Saskatchewan for most of January, I missed the ritual of getting home and opening the loud, clanky mailbox to see if there’s a little something waiting for me…

So imagine my excitement when I found out about the Hand Written Letter Project (through Gillian Sze’s lovely blog!) Brilliant brilliant brilliant.

One more excuse to get letter-ing!

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