How to raise a knee

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I made these love. totes for a kneeraiser.

(What is a kneeraiser, you might ask? Like a barn raiser, but for a prosthetic knee!)

As an above-knee amputee for 22 years, it was about time for the ever-brilliant, ever-resilient, always inspiring. never-ceases-to-amaze-me musician Christa Couture to get a microprocessor knee and that’s where these totes come in – I made them as perks for donor.!

Prosthetics are insanely and prohibitively $$$, so we’re crowdfunding this new knee for Christa. We made the initial goal in THREE (!) days, and are looking to reach the stretch goal by April 4.

Watch and share and donate if you can – there are great perks available! xx

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