Indiegogo campaign + The Love Lettering Project’s UK tour

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I’ve just kicked off my very first Indiegogo campaign to take The Love Lettering Project across the pond for a 5-city UK tour this June!

2013 marks the 9th incarnation of the project (!!) and I’m thrilled to have received a touring grant from the Canada Council for the Arts for this tour. For two-and-a-half weeks, I’ll be inviting people to write love letters to their cities in London, Brighton, Oxford, Nottingham and Bristol.* I will be partnering with not-for-profits and other arts organizations (including the incredible A Good Week!)

This tour has been partially funded by the Canada Council with the requirement that I fundraise the rest of the money for this ambitious expansion project. Ta-da, this is where you come in!

I’ve kicked off an Indiegogo campaign to raise the extra funds. (And there are perks! So many perks! Postcards! Hand-bound books! Personalized love letters! Head on over and take a look!)

Every little bit helps! And please share it however you can — Facebook, Twitter, blogs, telegrammes…

The countdown is on!



* cities might change as plans become concrete!

ps: My unending gratitude goes to Christa Couture who created this incredible video! And to Susan Kendal for donating her sewing skills in the perk department!

pps: the incredible embroidered wood map of Toronto behind me in the video is a Casey von Esteban original. A stunner!

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