It’s fall… (Warning: curse words ahead!)

I’m still holding tight to summer, but fall is just around the corner. It’s getting harder and harder to ignore it — eating dinner outside in the pitch black, layering sweaters over sundresses, the end of peach season. And though I am not yet ready for fall, I am ready to read Colin Nissan’s brilliant McSweeney’s post: It’s Decorative Gourd Season

As soon as October 1st hits, it’s time for “shellacked decorative vegetables” and to fill my house with a “gauntlet of misshapen, zucchini-descendant bastards” and yes, I will have an embroidered “It’s fall f***face” up by the front door (And Nissan himself has one (BEST!)

Now you can have one, too, from my etsy shop. Get your own embroidered harbinger of fall here!


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