July 6-17, 2011: Scienceography: Dances of Physiology, Entomology & Pyschology

As one of three pieces in Scienceography at the Toronto Fringe Festival, Organ Stories is choreographed and costumed by Susan Kendal, performed by Krista Posyniak, with poetry by Lindsay Zier-Vogel. Featuring large, knitted exo-organs worn on the dancer’s clothes, Organ Stories offers both factual and poetic information about the lungs, uterus, heart and brain. The choreography muses on the mechanics and emotional connotations of each organ.

Scienceography is a three-part journey exploring and abstracting science through movement as a physiologist works through a series of “lectures” on various organs, a mayfly’s ephemeral life unfolds on stage, and a two-in-one woman considers dialectical theory from the inside out.

Dances by Brittany Duggan, Susan Kendal and Krista Posyniak, presented by Pocket Alchemy.

Factory Theatre: 125 Bathurst Street (at Adelaide)
Thurs. 7th @ 6:30pm / Sat. 9th @ 11pm / Mon. 11th @ 1pm / Wed. 13th @ 7:30pm / Fri. 15th @ 9:15pm / Sat. 16th @ 12:30pm / Sun. 17th @ 3:30pm

Lungs: Years ago,
her doctor drew
an upside down tree,
the trunk tracing her throat
then spreading
wide into branches dividing into smaller
branches and smaller
until they are too small to