Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

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I do so love this time of year. Everything about it, really. The hunkering down, the endless crafting, the card writing, the card receiving, the hilarious fake newsletter writing (perhaps my favourite new tradition!), the ornament making, the tree decorating, Christmas cookie baking (Jeannette Ordas’ Christmas crack recipe is fitting after this year in Toronto!), the mulled wine sipping, the piling blankets with yet another pot of coffee writing, the marzipan eating, the falling snowflake watching, and this year, the paper snowflake making.

I used to work at a community centre when I was in high school and from November onwards would make hundreds and hundreds of these paper beauties. I’m not sure how I had forgotten about them until now, but now it’s all paper snowflakes all the time!

Merry merry!


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