Letterpressing with Snap + Tumble

Fact: I’m in love with letterpress.

Really and truly. It is crazy amounts of fun. I first got hooked in Nebraska, and this spring had the pleasure of working on Tanya’s Snap + Tumble presses. If you’re looking for a letterpress workshop in the city, I’d highly recommend hers (though you might have to wait a bit…her workshops are on hold for a bit…)

There’s something about producing multiples that is so very satisfying. I love the repetition of the creation process. I love how productive and efficient it feels to look at a drying rack – it’s like looking at a shelf full of jewel-coloured jam jars. I love that same-ness and individuality of each piece. I also l-o-v-e the press of the words into paper. It’s such a small detail, but makes the two-dimensional three-dimensional so subtly.

I made wedding invites for one of my all time fav couples…twas far too much fun.