Love lettering on CBC Radio’s DNTO

CBC Radio, Sook-Yin Lee, Lindsay Zier-Vogel, love letters, love lettering project, Toronto
CBC Radio One host Sook-Yin Lee and I chat love letters / Photo by Tori Allen

My love letter lovin’ is back in full swing! And CBC Radio One’s DNTO featured The Love Lettering Project this Saturday on their show about letters. It’s a wonderful clip (though man alive, I talk fast!!) with an interview with a woman who found one of last year’s love letters.

You can listen to it here (it’s about a third of the way in)

I wrote a bunch more love poems to Toronto and host Sook-Yin Lee and I hid them around a Toronto parkette.

And now I’m dreaming up this year’s incarnation…I’ve got great hopes. Time to start making epic to-do lists (with hearts at the top of each page!)


A love note to Toronto streetcars:

You are always late
and I will always wait for you.

And another love note to this wonderful city I love so dearly:

Toronto, you are not the prettiest
girl at the dance, but you
sparkle from the dark corner
near the punch bowl
and I fall in love
with you
and your wide open doors.

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