Loved and Lost with Christa Couture

lindsay zier-vogel, christa couture, lost
album by christa couture / embroidery by lindsay zier-vogel

Christa Couture is one of my favourite people of all time. And she happens to be an extraordinary musician. One day, after bantering about embroidered book covers, I off-handedly offered to embroider her next album cover. And here they are. Loved. And Lost. I nearly lost all feeling in my right index finger, and went a little loopy embroidering for an eight hour stretch (something I do not recommend, by the way). But oh, how I love them. Love love love them.

christa couture, lindsay zier-vogel, loved
album by christa couture / embroidery by lindsay zier-vogel

And oh! The songs! (They’re free, ps! Download now!) “Jennifer Grey” and “I Don’t Play the Piano” make me dance in the kitchen. And Aaron Joyce’s instrumental arrangement in “A Grief as This” has brought me to tears nearly every time I’ve listened to it (in the very best way!)

It is the greatest of honours to have created the covers for these extraordinary compilations (and ps: the liner notes are hi-larious!!)

Go listen, already!!