Oh, February

Confession: February is not my favourite month. I love the cold, and I’ve got the world’s best parka, but I’m fully ready for it to be not-February.

I’ve done the embrace winter thing with a lot of cozy fires, mulled wine, cross country-skiing and I’ve been dreaming about summer — sitting on the edge of a dock, picnicking in the park, but the best antidote so far has been heading over to the Thomas Fisher Rare Books Library and writing away under the towering books.

The Thomas Fisher Rare Books Library
The Thomas Fisher Rare Books Library

Man, I love that place!

The other few thing that have helped February be as un-February-y as possible have been:

– these heaps of love letters all over the place

– Andrea’s heaps of colour and perfect Sundays

Casey‘s hilarious Valentines (and of course her wood-embroidered maps — my single favourite possession!)

– The incredible music on Treme. (And Bunk playing the trombone! Ha!)

Brunch. Because brunch makes everything more awesome.

– TYPE Book’s incredible windows by Kalpna Patel. She is a marvel, that one. Check out her most recent one!

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