September 20-23: HOMEbody

In January, I flew to Saskatchewan. The rural prairies aren’t where most people spend the coldest month of the year, but I did, along with dancer Shannon Litzenberger, (and artists Marie-Josee Chartier and Jef Mallory) to wander around falling apart barns and abandoned homes, and work as the artists-in-residence at Anne Portnuff Theatre in Yorkton, teaching Grade 10 and 11 students at Yorkton Regional High School.

It was cold. Crazy cold. -49 cold. And beyond beautiful. Those skies, and the sundogs (!) and the neverending wind and the far-off train whistles. It was incredible. And while I was there, I wrote the text for Shannon’s piece HOMEbody that premieres this week in Toronto.

It opens at the Winchester Street Theatre and I’ve heard word of incredible sets and wonderful dancing. Do come!


(from the text…)

It is the simplest province to look at,

its borders straight and nearly parallel,

scattered with lake blue

and the thick lines of highways.

They say there’s a road every mile in Saskatchewan.

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