So much love…

Woven/tied love in Trinity Bellwoods Park

I’m so glad it’s the summer. I love watching my cucumbers climb up the fence and little green tomatoes blush red, the morning glories about to burst. I love picnicking and BBQing and lying on a dock at happy hour. I love the long long days that make me go go go and never want to sleep.

I’ve been love lettering up a storm (and will continue to all summer – come and join in on the fun!)

This summer has also been full to the brim with inspiring finds that have kept the tricky novel-editing parts from being too frustrating.

* Christa Couture’s new (incredible!) single “You Were Here In Michigan

* Some incredible bookish suggestions from Kerry Clare at Picklemethis including And Me Among Them by Kristen den Hartog and Stray Love by Kyo Maclear. I’m excited to take Grace O’Connell‘s Magnified World up to the cottage with me next month.

* The incredible embroidery + wood work by Casey Von Esteban.

* The first Art Spin event this coming Thursday (bikes + art + love lettering!!)

* The new monthly Junction Flea. It feels like Brooklyn in Toronto, in the very best way! The second Sunday of every month is the best Sunday of every month!!

*AAAAND, “Always” pictured above – the new addition to the “I miss you” woven/tied street art at the tennis courts at Trinity Bellwoods Park. Love that.


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