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It’s almost here. Almost…alllllmooooooooost.

This year, spring is like trying to wake up before the sun rises (my every morning). Just one snooze button. Just one more. Just. one. more. Except it’s snow storms instead of snooze buttons…

But the sun shines for longer and longer and my home is filled with many mason jars of tulips these days.

And the light still falls in unexpected places. Even between the snowflakes…

photo 2

And then I’m asked to chat about The Love Lettering Project with inspiring students at my alma mater, Victoria College at the University of Toronto, and the mitts and the winer boots and the permascarf don’t matter one bit…

photo 4

(And how can you go wrong when walking in to speak feels like you’re walking into the set of Downton Abbey?)

Till the crocuses appear…


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