Summer 2012: So. Much. Love.

There’s stil more sunshine left, but I think it’s safe to say this has been one of my ultimate favourite summers. I instituted a picnic-on-Friday policy, made a lot of pickles and picked a lot of sun-hot tomatoes, ate a ridiculous number of peaches, made a lot of brunch maps (and ate a lot of brunch!), ventured to Ottawa a few times and swam in rivers, drank dark and stormys out on a dock with some of the most brilliant women I know (and finished a manuscript!), got to see my name in print, swam at Sunnyside Pool (and started “Swimming Pool Stories,” a new collection of short, short fiction based on the patrons and lifeguards!), and wrote love letters to Toronto with strangers for hours and hours on end with The Love Lettering Project.

I had the pleasure of chatting with the Book Madam, Julie Wilson about this transformational (for me!) project and again with Kevin Caners on CIUT’s The Public. In fact, heaps of folks wanted to talk about love lettering Toronto. You can check out the videos and stories here.

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Global TV’s National News came by my house to do an interview one Monday morning.

Have I mentioned it’s been a good summer? It’s been a *really* good summer…


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