Summer in Toronto

Fact, I love summer. Fact #2, I love Toronto. Fact #3: I love summers in Toronto.

This summer’s highlights include:

* Swimming down at Sunnyside Pool nearly every day (and I’ve got the crazy tan lines to prove it!)

* Picnicking up a storm in Trinity Bellwoods Park

* All of the Love Lettering Project love

* BBQs on my back deck (complete with a shooting star spotting!)

* Hearing the beautiful fairy-like tinkling of bike bells while 400+ cyclists head out to check out art with ArtSpin

* Watching the stunning lightning storm in August

* Bike posts turned into flower-based street art (um, AWESOME!)

* Oh-so-much brunch

* Biking along the Lakeshore from the very west end to the very east end at least three times a week

* Eating sun-warm tomatoes from my garden

* Making pickles out of cukes from my garden

* Working on my piece for The Paper Place‘s 6×8 exhibit

* The outpouring of love and support and public grieving of Jack Layton. So heart-breaking to say farewell to such a dynamic leader, but the huge amounts of love for him was inspiring