The Love Lettering Project: FOUND

the love lettering project, lindsay zier-vogel

On CBC’s Metro Morning, Matt Galloway chatted with someone who found a love letter! He was disappointed it wasn’t a love note to him, but admitted it still made him smile.

Hearing from people who have come across these letters has been such an unanticipated joy:

“You don’t know me but you might know my bike. It was all by itself ( John St. North of Queen) cold and alone Tuesday night while I was stressed and working very late at a new job. I got back to my bike and found a love letter that I have been keeping my eyes peeled for since I found out about it 2 weeks ago. It totally turned my night and week around. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this very special gift!”

“My partner said that she had read an article about this artist who goes around the city writing love letters to the city and she said that she was pretty sure that was one. We kept walking and I really wanted to go back and check but felt awkward about it so we kept walking further down Queen. We walked East for a while and decided it was getting late so we turned around and headed back home. I had completely forgot about the letter, until my partner pointed out that there it was; the letter was still there waiting for us! So we took it home with us, poured two glasses of wine and opened the letter. Thank you for making our day.”

“I got a love letter. I almost cried!!!”

“I found one of your love letters today at the corner or Roncesvalles and Marion, and was with a friend when she found one yesterday hanging from a tree in Trinity Bellwoods park. Thanks for brightening up my morning”

“I received a poem from you in my bike basket today at Queen & John. Delightful!”

“After reading an article about this project in Taddle Creek, I found a love letter on the street.”

“Found one of @lindsayzv‘s love letters on Queen W. So pretty. Do I keep now or pass on?”

love lettering project, lindsay zier-vogel
My favourite found love letter...

Aaaand, more:

“I found one of your love poem on Queen Street East and it made my day!! I wrote down the text, resealed it and sent it back out into the world.”

“I got one of your love letters on the doorstep of my store (KidPlanet) last week. My colleague was the one who found it and she had figured it was a letter TO ME so she didn’t open it. When I came in we both were so excited by it!! hilarious. and when I opened it she asked if I knew who it was from. My response was “not personally but I think someone is just spreading love around randomly and I’m so glad we got some here!” And to my utter delight, I learned this morning on Metro Morning that I was right!! Thank you thank you thank you! (Check out the photo of the opened letter here!)

“Such a beautiful idea! We were out celebrating a bday and the birthday boy found it! He thought it was a proposal!”

From Red Pegasus: A sweet note left on our door this morning…

“Finding your gorgeous poem tucked into my gate was an odd yet timely whisper of hope. Thanx for the random act of lovely…your poem was one of my sweetest surprises ever.”

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