The Love Lettering Project + the Toronto Star (and the Metro and even more love!)

The Toronto Star ~ August 10, 2001

Well goodness! I woke up this morning to a wonderful piece about The Love Lettering Project in The Toronto Star! How thrilling!

aaand more on the fourth page!

And the first half of the story made the Metro! Read it here!

More love letter inspired love from Veronica Slater, who sat down and wrote a batch of her own love letters (YAY!)
She writes: “Was there ever a sweeter story?  I think not.  The power of simple gestures and random kindness can never be underestimated.  It’s amazing to think, and rather difficult to imagine the direct ramifications such letter will have had on the lucky recipients.  Imagine ‘love.’ domino effect. That’s pretty cool.” Blush!!!