The Love Lettering Project VII: a strange meditation

the love lettering project, envelopes, love, lindsay zier-vogel
It is a strange meditation, writing the word ‘love’ 500 times…

And it makes such a lovely quilt, I’m tempted to sew a bunch together…

Side note: Hilroy no longer produces airmail envelopes and they’re a hot commodity in Toronto. I managed to find 500, but it wasn’t pretty…! Three cheers for Love Lettering Project enthusiasts for helping me scour the city, and for the Parkdale pharmacy’s years old stock of the red and blue striped beauties!

I can’t wait to fill these envelopes with love letters and take them out into the city that is so very loved…(next weekend!!)

Aaaand, Love Lettering love from 1 Love T.O.  So much lovin’ these days!!

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