The Love Lettering Project VII…in process

lindsay zier-vogel, the love lettering project
making love letters

Fact: 500 love letters is a lot of love letters. In fact, I think that’s probably more than most people receive in a lifetime, unless of course they’re dating Pablo Neruda…

lindsay zier-vogel, the love lettering project
a love poem to the ceiling at Union Station

But I’m nearing the homestretch on making these one-of-a-kind pieces and there’s really no better way to spend my days than writing love letters to*:

– hot veal sandwiches from California Sandwiches on Claremont St.

– Jet Fuel lattes, with a big teaspoon of wet brown sugar

– The Dance Cave

– the back lane behind the old Green Room

– the ravine off of St. Clair

– Trinity Bellwoods Park

– the 501 streetcar

– Romni Wool

– Lula Lounge

– Toronto Island

– the ice rink at Dufferin Grove

– fresh salsa from Jumbo Empanada

– Kensington Market

– the spiral staircase in the new AGO

–  tomatoes on people’s rusty fire escapes in the summer

– squealing streetcar curves

– summer patios

– Baldwin Street

– the cob house in Dufferin Grove Park

– the middle seat in the very back of a double street car

– Cherry Bomb coffee shop

– the trees

– the view of the city from the park in the west end by the Lakeshore…and the smell of the Mr. Christie’s factory while you are there

– the overpass to Roncesvalles

– the boardwalk along Harbourfront

lindsay zier-vogel, the love lettering project
a love letter to Roncesvalles

*please note: this is only a mere sampling of the love lettering subjects!!