The magnificence of dots: Ne panic pas + Christa Couture

ne panic pas, lindsay zier-vogel, embroidery

I have this friend Christa.

She is the master of finding the most hilarious nuggets this side of the internet, knows exactly how to make a homesick Torontonian at home on the West Coast, sings songs about Dirty Dancing’s Jennifer Grey and makes homemade Christmas ornaments every single year.

(Oh, and she also knits Star Trek inspired dish cloths…awesome, I know!)

Christa also knows exactly how to kick my ass into finding perspective. From the most trivial, to the most heart-breaking situations, she offers a hilarious “Ne panic pas.”

Ne panic pas: “It’s like a Disney-free hakuna matata for a Canadian audience. A “don’t worry be happy” with the beauty of Bobby but sans commercialism and Cocktail soundtrack. Sweet, simple, and funny, non?” she writes…

Read more about “Ne panic pas” here, in Christa’s own brilliant, hilarious words…

Three cheers for “the magnificence of the dots we connect over the years.”

ps: there are also hilarious photos of her and I and the incredible Susan Kendal circa 2000 in a Value Village ugly-outfit competition taken just minutes after Christa and I met. Ha!