The Toronto Brunch Map (2nd edition)…and a little “Ne Panic Pas”

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The 2nd edition of the Toronto Brunch Map

Ta-da! It’s taken a whole string of homefry and bacon-filled weekends, but it’s finally done: The 2nd edition of The Toronto Brunch Map is finally here!

You can get a copy at my Etsy shop, at Scout up on Roncesvalles, or at any of the three Drake General Store locations (and a few more shops are in the works!)

For $12, you get yourself a curated map of Toronto’s top brunch spots with the yummiest menu items and key features at each spot hand-drawn by yours truly.

It also comes with a “to do” list so you can keep track of all the brunch spots you eat at and with an “I heart brunch” magnet so you can keep the map and list on the fridge.

Three cheers for bottomless cups of coffee and homefries!

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words to live by…

AAAAAND, because I am watching Treme like it’s my j-o-b, I’ve also been embroidering like a champ. Hows about a little Ne Panic Pas reminder…order one from my Etsy shop Sweet Louise!

(ps: different fabric/thread colour/text available!)


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