Truly awesome

I am over the moon. I have been awarded this month’s Awesome Foundation Grant for this year’s incarnation of The Love Lettering Project. More about it soon (with a fancy new website on its way!) but a quick preview: this year YOU can write the love letters (and deliver them out into the world)!!

the love lettering project, lindsay zier-vogel, in process

I’ll supply the airmail envelopes, pretty paper, pens and you can reflect on the things you love about our fair city of Toronto and write love letters to those things and places at a series of events in the summer.

I (along with a group of intrepid love lettering volunteers) will photograph and document these art pieces and words and post them on the love lettering website. You can then take their airmail-enveloped love letters out to the very places you love and wrote about to leave for others to discover.


A huge and enormous thank you to the trustees of Toronto chapter of The Awesome Foundation for their paper-bag-of-money-sized thumbs up. I am honoured. And thrilled.

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