Where make-believe and the practical collide


Christa, Susan and me in the foreground circa 2003 / Photo by Rhya Tamasauskas

I have these two incredible friends, Susan and Christa. I met Susan a million years ago in dance school, where we took it upon ourselves to educate Whistler snowboarders about the wonders of contemporary dance. I met Christa through Susan just before the snowboarding education project, and then again when I arrived in Vancouver, mystified by how much it rained, and more mystified that the skirt I had sewn out of pillowcases was see-through from the rainy bike ride over. Sigh, so long ago…

I have known these brilliantly creative and driven women for over a decade (!) and this year, we are celebrating the first anniversary of our strange and magical editing collective, the Virtual Editing Group, more affectionately known as the Veggie Vag (more on the nomenclature here…!)

They are my own personal cheerleading team, astute editors, creative comrades and dear friends. They pick me up and dust me off when I need it, tell me to put my big girl pants on when I need it and hold my heart for me when it’s too heavy to carry myself. And they edit the shit out of my grants. God bless their track changes!!

We’ve even hired (and by hired, I might mean collectively imagined!) an assistant – Dane, who knows exactly when you need an almond milk latte, and just how to pour the perfect amount of go-get-em-tiger scotch. He makes sure grants go out on time. He’s a miracle worker, that Dane. (And he’s on twitter…!!)

Susan has written the most wonderful Ode to the Ladies of the VV. It made me teary and pee my pants laughing. It is the most wonderful collaborative creation, keeping us tight despite the too many kilometres and busy-ness that creeps in.

Three cheers to dear friends and fiercely creative souls. Kindred spirits indeed!

Long live the VV!

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