My poetry and fiction has been published in various literary journals including The Lampeter ReviewDescant, dandelion, Grainfilling StationTaddle Creekroom of one’s ownthe Dance Current Magazine. She has read through various reading series and festivals including the Pivot Reading SeriesArt Bar SeriesEden Mills Writers Festival and the Hillside Festival.
I received my M.A. in Creative Writing at the University of Toronto under the advisorship of award winning novelist, Anne Michaels. In addition to novels I also write poems and non-fiction bits and am working on “Swimming Pool Stories,” a series of microfiction touring Toronto public pools.

I also write text/scripts for dance pieces including various works by Susan Kendal, Shannon Litzenberger’s HOMEbody and Sylvie Bouchard’s Histoire d’Amour.

I am currently working on a novel titled The Opposite of Drowning. In it, twenty-year-old Bea is a lifeguard who is terrified of drowning. She spends her days guarding on the edge of Lake Ontario, hoping desperately that no one will disappear under the surface. She is suspended in the hot, sticky bubble of summertime-Toronto where everything is temporary: her job, her home at Nan’s, her friendships with staff members, and perhaps even her new relationship with fellow lifeguard, Malcolm.