Almost Forty Days in the “Quarantine Review”

June 9, 2020


I’m so thrilled to be included in this inaugural issue of The Quarantine Review, a literary journal created by Sheeza Sarfraz and J.J. Dupuis to alleviate the malaise of social distancing with exceptional writing and artwork.

I wrote an essay — my very first! — about my small, small pandemic world, my kids’ construction paper crowns, and night terrors, and my helplessness with a dear friend in London, U.K., who has COVID-19.

I’m honoured to be included with writers including Stacey May Fowles, Samantha Garner, Fei Lu, A.G. Pasquella, J.J. Dupuis, Shajia Sarfraz, and Paul Vermeersch!

More about the journal:
The Quarantine Review celebrates literature and art, connecting readers through reflections on the human condition — our lived experiences, afflictions, and dreams. As we face a pandemic with profound implications, the essays within offer a variety of perspectives on the current predicament, encouraging readers to reflect on the world we knew before and contemplate how society can be reshaped once we emerge.

You can get it here, or download it onto AppleBooks, Kindle, or Kobo apps. All proceeds go to the Red Door Family Shelter.