Since 2001, Lindsay Zier-Vogel has been teaching writing and movement workshops in the community and in schools. She has worked with hundreds of students to find their own creative voices and create their own works of art.

From poetry to fiction, and hand-bound books to community-based love letters, Lindsay encourages students from kindergarten to adults to create without judgment, promoting the accessibility of language-based art.

She was the Program Director for Word-Play's Writing in the City creative writing program for Grade 6 students in Toronto from 2019-2022, and was a professor in Humber College's Professional Writing post-grad program. She has also taught creative writing through the Toronto Public Library system with funding from the Ontario Arts Council.

School and community workshops:
Lindsay is available for school and community workshops, in-person in Toronto, and virtually for schools and community groups outside of the GTA. Please contact her at: [email protected]

Note: Lindsay uses The Writers’ Union of Canada’s fee structure for her school visits.

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Dear Street and Lindsay’s Love Lettering Project served as the mentor texts to inspire a love lettering campaign for our school’s centennial celebration. Instead of hiding letters, we hung the students’ bilingual (English & French) love notes in the form of postcards in a display for all the guests to see. Former students of all ages were able to share in the love and memories evoked by the display.”

— Sabrina Musa, Core French teacher, TDSB

My students were thrilled to take part in Lindsay's workshop. They were engaged and enthusiastic throughout the workshop, brainstorming about what they loved about their neighbourhoods and communities and writing their letters. It was a great creative writing exercise, and even got the most reluctant writers writing. Lindsay has a gift to engage and connect with those around her to find their creativity and express themselves in their own unique ways. Her workshop was powerful and transformative for both the students and for me and my fellow educators."

—Jessica Romero, Waterloo Regional District School Board

My students and I love chatting with Lindsay! She is honest and open about her process, and inspiring to young writers with the real-world story of how she found success as a writer. She is fun and engaging and kept my students laughing.
— Lauren Simmons, Toronto District School Board

The energy and passion Lindsay brings to the lessons "hooks" us in as students immediately and keeps us engaged throughout. There is something really powerful about having an instructor who is so supportive, so incredibly personable and so full of life!"
— Humber College Professional Writing Program student

It is evident that Lindsay comes to the role with a wealth of experience and a thorough understanding of what it is she is teaching, PLUS an ability to offer constructive feedback in a genuine, supportive, and emotionally-safe way."
— Humber College Professional Writing Program student

Lindsay is a fun and engaging teacher, and I enjoyed her classes immensely. She clearly puts a lot of time and care into the content and structure of her classes. A highlight of the courses was the writing assignments, which stretched and challenged me in just the right ways. I believe that my writing has really improved through her courses. Not only am I comfortable with different forms of writing, but I am more able to think outside the box in figuring out the clearest and most effective ways of expressing ideas. Her feedback was meaningful and supportive.”
—Rebecca Weigand, Humber College Professional Writing Program student

Lindsay brought so much joy and excitement to my Grade 2 class when she visited and read her book, Dear Street, a wonderful and inspiring story about the transformational power of community and connection. She had the children share all the places and things they loved in their community (the list was long!), and then write their own love letters to plant somewhere (best homework ever). Lindsay reminded all of us that we can change the world into something more beautiful by paying attention, reaching out, and expressing our love and gratitude.

—Sayaka Yajima, Toronto District School Board

Writing letters for community members to find after reading Dear Street brought our kids closer to our neighbours and encouraged them to be noticers of their surroundings. The kindness they infused into their messages after being inspired by the story was incredible to be witness to. I am so grateful we took the time to connect to our community in this special way.”

—Laurie McIntosh, Holy Spirit School Division, Lethbridge, AB

Lindsay Zier-Vogel’s visit to my classroom was a highlight for my students and myself! She enthusiastically read her story to the class, taking the time to ask questions to the students and listening to their responses. She was engaging and entertaining!! I would love to have Lindsay visit my class again!!”
—Amanda Bujdos, Toronto District School Board

Writing the City', the 8-week writing workshop facilitated by Lindsay created great value to me namely: 1: to be a good writer, one has to practice a lot so since starting the workshop, I resolved to write at least 120 words of poetry or prose daily; 2: to pay more attention and appreciate this wonderful city I live in; and 3: I was able to release, via ink on paper, some overwhelming emotional burden brought about by sick parents. Well done, and very much appreciated."

Lindsay is an incredible instructor and mentor; she genuinely connects with her students and personally helped me succeed both in the program and in stepping into my field and securing a job. Attending her class was always the highlight of my week, she brought a bright collaborative energy and an amazing sense of humor to the virtual classroom. Lindsay’s experience in writing was invaluable, particularly when subject matter was challenging, or the students were struggling with a something. It was obvious in those moments that she was invested in our success. I can honestly say she made grant writing interesting and fun, which if you know anything about grant writing, is a hugely impressive feat!"
—Kimberley Dewing, Humber College Professional Writing Program student

I was a regular participant in this fall's 8-week "Writing the City" program that Lindsay Zier-Vogel led. It was a wonderful experience! Each and every time a new person came, or came and stayed for a couple of weeks, Lindsay welcomed each person with openness, respect, attention, and kindness. I was/am unbelievably impressed with Lindsay's equanimity during these particular situations, but was impressed and humbled by her in this way throughout the 8 weeks of class."