“Letters to Amelia” will be an audio book

June 1, 2021

sound file squiggles on a computer screen

I’m thrilled to announce that “Letters to Amelia” is going to be an audiobook! I spent the weekend listening to auditions and it was surreal to hear my words in so many people’s voices. I’ve really fallen in love with audiobooks over these pandemic days and it is so exciting that my book will keep people company as they wander their neighbourhoods, and wash dishes, and bake rhubarb snacking cakes.

I don’t yet have an ETA on the audio book launch date, but you can pre-order a physical copy of “Letters to Amelia”! You can buy it straight from my publisher here OR from your fav local indie! It’s also up at Indigo and Amazon, and even in the States! It’s out Sept. 7th!