My (small press) writing day

July 14, 2018


I love reading about writers’ processes – how many cups of coffee they drink, how they procrastinate, where they write, what they listen to, if anything, how they juggle all the life things that aren’t writing while also writing…

So, I was delighted to be asked by Rob McLennan to write about my own writing days, for his site My (Small Press) Writing Day, his answer to The Guardian’s My Writing Day features.

Turns out my writing days these days involve a lot of Department of Eagles, Earl Grey tea and haphazard Amelia Earhart google image searches in the centre of my bed. You can read all about my writing days here (including the new room I’ve discovered inside my brain and how terrible my writing was after Baby #1, and how my sheets are covered in chocolate and pen marks…!)

Rob has collected so many of these features and they’re totally captivating. Teri Vlassopolous’ was so inspiring (and Jon McGregor’s in The Guardian was one of my favourite reads in the last while!)