Podcast: Library Land Loves

February 10, 2021

Library Land Loves

I had so much fun chatting with OLA’s Michelle Arbuckle about this impossible time of pandemic parenting and working and shared my top 5 tips on how to get sh*t done with the kids at home.

Listen to it here (or wherever you get your podcasts!)

How To Get S**t Done While the Kids Are Home (with Lindsay Zier-Vogel‪)‬

Are your kids home right now? Are you finding it difficult to get anything done? Yah, us too. So this week, we asked writer Lindsay Zier-Vogel to give us her top five tips on how to get things done while there are little (and not so little) ones underfoot. She has some fantastic tips on how to structure your time, improve your focus and most importantly how to prepare in advance for the inevitable question “where are the snacks!?”