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Feature in the Toronto Star ~ August 13, 2012

The Love Lettering Project press

The Love Lettering Project has been featured nationally with features on CBC Television’s The National, Global National News, CTV’s Canada AM, The Toronto Star, Toronto Life, The Globe and Mail and CBC Radio’s Definitely Not the Opera and World Report. (More press details here).


CBC Radio 1’s DNTO: Love Lettering Project lovin’ ~ March 24, 2012

Imagine finding a random love letter on the street – just for you (whoever you may be). That’s the kind of surprise Lindsay Zier-Vogel set out to create with her Love Lettering Project. Sook-Yin will join her to distribute some letters for unsuspecting strangers.


Life Doesn’t Have To Suck: “The Essential Toronto Brunch Map!” ~ March 21, 2012

It reads like a chart drawn especially for you by a friend who wants only the best bacon, waffles and huevos rancheros for you and your A.M. stomach.

Read the whole dittie here.


The Drake General Store: “Lindsay Zier-Vogel’s Brunch Maps: Helping Us Eat Our Way Through Toronto” ~ March 15, 2012

When she’s not busy writing love letters, dancing or teaching, Toronto artist Lindsay Zier-Vogel creates beautifully-printed brunch maps. Complete with a checklist and button, you can guess what we spend our weekends doing! We sat down with Lindsay for a brief chat about her work + what she’d order for her perfect brunch.

Read the whole interview here.


OpenBooks: Toronto: “Spreading the love in Toronto” ~ August 22, 2011

Written by Michelle Medford

“In February, Toronto can be a little dire, a little grey, not so lovely at times,” says author Lindsay Zier-Vogel. “I kind of needed to remember what I loved about the city.” So she sent out a call to people, asking them what they loved about Toronto. Her inbox flooded with responses.

Read the story here.


Room 34.3: Fluency: The Back Room

A Q&A about the Love Lettering Project with Brigid MacAulay

More about the literary journal here.


BreakfastTelevision: Toronto ~ August 12, 2011

The Love Lettering Project featured on BreakfastTelevision Toronto


The Toronto Star: “Summer of Love: Delivering joy, one letter at a time” ~ August 10, 2011

Written by: Michael Woods

“Artist pens love poems to the city, and leaves them for others to find.” There’re even poems on the fourth page!


MetroNews: “My beloved Toronto, with you big-city curves…” ~ August 10, 2011

The result is 65 original poems that have become 500 art pieces, which she slips into airmail envelopes and leaves all around the city. “I just like putting them out in the universe,” she said.


CJAD ~ August 1, 2011

Delmar @ Night: Dan Delmar chatted with Lindsay Zier-Vogel about The Love Lettering Project on Montreal’s News Talk Radio Station 800 AM.


CBC Television’s The National ~ July 31, 2011

Reporter Melanie Nagy’s piece, Spreading the love, a national feature on The Love Lettering Project: “Hundreds of love poems are popping up all over Toronto. Just who is the roaming romantic winning hearts across the city?”


CBC Radio’s World Report ~ Sunday July 31, 2011

The Love Lettering Project featured on CBC Radio’s World Report


I Like You podcast: #58 You’ve Got Mail ~ July 23, 2011

A wonderful podcast with JP and Elah about the Love Lettering Project.

Listen here!


416 Cycle Style ~ July 18, 2011

Love and beautiful photos of The Love Lettering Project from 416 Cycle Style

I rarely post photos that don’t show a person, as the fashion and style aspect of riding a bicycle is what I mainly document. Since style is influenced by our surrounding environment and experiences, I thought i’d share some of the love that I fell into along a random Roncy ride.” ~ Xander Labayen


CBC Radio 2 Twitter Feed ~ June 24, 2011


The Image Interview ~ June 19, 2011

Joel Yum of the Image Interview brought his camera into Lindsay Zier-Vogel’s home

I aim to expose and promote not only those that are talented and hardworking but have great attitudes to complement their talents. ~ Joel Yum

See the whole image interview here.


The I Love You blog ~ June 19, 2011

More Love Lettering Project love!


The GridTO: We’ve got mail ~ June 15, 2011

By: Matthew Halliday

Lindsay Zier-Vogel wedged a letter, sealed in an old-fashioned airmail envelope, into the sand at Sunnyside Beach last Friday morning. She stuffed another letter into the hollow of a tree near the boardwalk and tied another to a No Lifeguard on Duty sign a few metres from the shore—this one was addressed to “the lake, where it looks like an ocean.”


Metro Toronto: Urban Compass ~ June 13, 2011

“Love Letters to Toronto” by Lia Grainger for Metro Toronto on Lindsay Zier-Vogel’s Love Lettering Project

…So if you’re lucky enough to spot a red-and-blue envelope dangling from a tree or taking up a subway seat, open it and find another reason — care of Zier-Vogel — to love your city.


CBC’s Metro Morning ~ June 13, 2011

Host Matt Galloway interviews Lindsay Zier-Vogel about The Love Lettering Project

Listen to the interview and read the love poem to Toronto’s radio show


Taddle Creek magazine ~ Summer 2011

“Secret Admirer: How one poet spreads the love” by Jacqueline Nelson

Lindsay Zier-Vogel isn’t a mail carrier, but each year she delivers dozens of letters to unsuspecting Torontonians. The letters aren’t placed in mailboxes, but scattered around the city—one year in phone booths and grocers’ cherry bins, another tied to strangers’ bicycles—each tucked in an airmail envelope addressed with only one word: “love.”


Toronto Life magazine ~ June 2011

Lindsay Zier-Vogel’s Love Lettering Project is one of the Top 50 reasons to love Toronto now


1LOVETO ~ May 13, 2011

Spring has finally sprung and all over the city, the feeling of positivity and optimism can’t help but feel contagious.

Lindsay collects stories from friends and strangers that follow a specific theme; whether it be the location of someone’s first kiss, or their favourite restaurant in the city, people share with her what they LOVE about Toronto. She then crafts these stories into unique, 1 of a kind love letters and poems, and places them randomly throughout the city (or exactly in the place the story came from) for an unassuming stranger to happen upon. She’s tied them to trees in the park, stuck them in baskets of berries in the market, hidden notes between pages of novels in the library, anywhere you would least expect to find “love”.


CBC Radio’s Definitely Not The Opera – February 13, 2010
~ The Love Lettering Project V featured on CBC Radio
~ Take a listen to the podcast

The Vancouver Sun – May 1, 2008 ~ Pamela Frayerman
Featuring Centering Ourselves as Patients at UBC Family Practice Centre: Vancouver, British Columbia
~ triptych quilt collaboration with Dr. Suzanne Watters
~ also featured as a photo slide show

Canadian Writers Collective – Oct. 12, 2007 ~ Melissa Bell
I haven’t yet had much of a chance to get into the new issue, but it smells deliciously good with that fresh printing smell and it looks all fat and juicy and thick with promise. During the evening’s “smoke break” (ahem, I am no longer a smoke break participant), I checked out Lindsay Zier-Vogel’s two poetry contributions. They, alone, were worth the price of the issue. Terrific work…

CBC Metro Morning’s What’s Goin’ On Feature – September 3, 2007 ~ Aparita Bhandari
In Annie Oakley: Git Your Gun, Lindsay Zier-Vogel explores the dual worlds of cow-gals through paper and soft-sculpture installation. Annie Oakley, for instance, not only split playing cards into two with a bullet, but also sewed her own clothes. The exhibition is based on a poem by Zier-Vogel, first published in University of Toronto’s literary journal echolocation. Zier-Vogel is a writer, choreographer, book-maker and arts educator…

Sitting Room Stories: short film – December 2006 ~ David Tse
Open Source Movie short film of Lindsay Zier-Vogel’s exhibition of handmade books. Produced by David Tse.

eye magazine – June 8, 2006 ~ Lynda Spark
Edith and Eliza, choreographed by Susan Kendal and Lindsay Zier-Vogel and danced solo by Kendal, was driven by subdued sounds interspersed with fractured samples of text by Zier-Vogel. In its delicious fusion of poetry with motion, Edith and Eliza used the wartime experiences of its titular characters to examine the triumph of womanly strength and sensuality over anxiety and restriction.

The Toronto Star – February 24, 2006 ~ Susan Walker
Kendal paired up with poet Lindsay Zier-Vogel for Continued tales of a weathervane. The poet narrates, carrying her verses in a zippered bag at her waist, reading them off blue cards that she hangs on three copper weather vanes. The poems contain lots of weather images and phrases one imagines a mother passing on to her daughter: ‘Keep your weather eye open’ and warnings about ‘fair-weather friends.’

The Globe and Mail – February 11, 2006 ~ Paula Citron
A who’s who of Toronto’s finest have collaborated with Ng on these works, which are aurally and visually stunning… There was even a resident poet, Lindsay Zier-Vogel, who transformed her impressions of rehearsals into written images that acted as an inspiration for Ng…


Broken Pencil ~ Issue 29, Fall 2005 ~ Crossing the Literary Abyss by Patrick White
…”I consider it my role to prove that art doesn’t have to be scary,” she says. “It can be made accessible so that poets aren’t just performing for poets, and dancers aren’t just performing for dancers…

eye magazine ~ February 3, 2005
PANTS ON FIRE. You know those two friends of yours you wish would just get it over with and hook up? Some feel that way about poetry and clothing, who have finally met their matchmakers in Susan Kendal and Lindsay Zier-Vogel, who design and print all manner of things at Puddle Press. They began pressing poetry onto clothes to create Puddles in my Pocket, which now presents Pants on Fire: the release of new, one-of-a-kind poetry pants and skirts, with poetry readings and live music. Good poetry + good clothes = true love 4ever

CBC – July 20, 2004 ~ Go 2 It Girl ~ Marichka Melnyk
WEAR YOUR WORDS: Toronto costume designer and Susan Kendal and poet/dancer Lindsay Zier Vogel worked so well together combining their talents in the world of dance, they decided to join forces in the world of fashion as well.The result is the Puddles in Their Pockets clothing line of summer tops, napkins and pillows, distinctive for pretty patterns and for the poems silkscreened on.

The Dance Current Magazine – December/January 2003/04 ~ Megan Andrews
Performance memories of 2003: “August: Lindsay Zier-Vogel’s september sentence at fFIDA was a well-crafted and richly danced work that had a texture like embroidery on velvet.”

The Globe and Mail – August 9, 2003 ~ Paula Citron
“Lindsay Zier-Vogel’s September Sentence , for two dancers and two flautists, brings together a highly developed gestural and movement language to create an ambiguous picture of animal imagery and human labour.”

eye magazine – August 2, 2001 ~ Interview with Emma McIntyre
“The movement in Cedar Stories came to fruition entirely through improvisation. Contact sheets, audio recordings and Zier-Vogel’s creative writing were all points of departure. Zier-Vogel and her cast experimented endlessly with the texts. Excerpts of her writing were rearranged until they were incoherent. The corresponding movement naturally evolved into something abstract.”