Soaking up all things summer on CBC

September 25, 2017

CBC summer

I’m officially solar-powered, and I love summer so even though it has finally arrived this year, in mid-September, it’s perfect weather for picnicking and bike riding and eating your weight in watermelon.

I got to bike down to the CBC building last Friday just as the sun was rising and chat live on the radio with Matt Galloway (on a picnic blanket, no less, because I don’t go anywhere these days without my waterproof picnic blanket!) Shawn Micallef talked about the perfectly warm waters of Lake Ontario and pulling a Sesame Street-style weekend, hanging with neighbours (which I then did!).

I even said “poop” and “bum” on live radio to the delight of toddlers everywhere (to my credit, we were talking about picnicking!) and I shared my ideal picnic plans…

Check out my ideal picnic over here!

Farewell, sweet summer. I’m sure going to miss you!