Toronto Life magazine + The Love Lettering Project

May 15, 2011

Toronto Life Love Lettering Project

I am over the moon! Toronto Life magazine has deemed The Love Lettering Project one of the Top 50 reasons to love Toronto now in their June 2011 issue!!

50 Reasons to Love Toronto Now:
It’s time to take a 25-page pause from your inner pessimist and feel the love. Why? For starters: because an energy plant that runs on flaxseed is being built beside the lake; because the GTA has become Bollywood North; because our it girl Malin Akerman isn’t in rehab; because our boy scouts wear designer duds; because we teach yoga to Don Jail inmates; because we turn our water treatment plants into fine art; because tennis phenom Milos Raonic gave us back our game; because our microbrewers are madmen…

AND because of #35: Poet Lindsay Zier-Vogel is hiding 500 love poems about Toronto in envelopes around the city.

toronto life magazine, june 2011

Run out and get your copy right this second!! (And keep your eyes peeled for love letters, Toronto…they’re a-comin’!!)

More about The Love Lettering Project here!