A love letter to winter picnicking on CBC TV & Radio

January 18, 2018


Winter has arrived, with heaps of snow and really chilly days. The temptation to burrow under the blankets for the next three months is strong, but resist! If only for a few hours. Instead, I recommend a winter picnic – my ultimate favourite winter activity! In fact, I love them so much, I threw a *very* early morning winter picnic on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning and CBC TV yesterday morning. It was early, and lordy it was cold (-20 with the windchill!), but I bundled and packed hot chocolate – spiked with coffee, but Baileys would’ve been delicious – and had the most glorious morning under a huge blue sky, the marshmallows melting just so in my mug, the gingerbread a perfect second breakfast…

You can listen to my interview with Matt Galloway here and watch my interview here!

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